Utilizing a GoPro Camera

By Kraig Kirchem     Posted: June 24, 2016

When I arrive on a filming location, clients are often surprised at the amount of equipment I bring to a shoot… upward of five cases of stuff. Tucked away amongst all of that gear is a small yet useful tool that I use on occasion… the GoPro.


The GoPro made its debut in 2004 and is marketed to the extreme-action, X-games generation: surfing, biking, skiing, skydiving, kayaking.

But weekend warriors are not the only folks strapping on this mobile camera. Most video professionals have at least one (or more) GoPros in their toolkit, including myself. The camera is relatively inexpensive, it shoots high-quality video and it’s TINY.

Riding Shotgun

I find the GoPro extremely useful in bringing the viewer along for the ride. It allows me, as a video producer, to get up close without the obtrusiveness of a large video camera. It is a virtual “fly on the wall” that brings a different perspective to your visual storytelling. 





Here is some behind-the-scenes footage showing how I used a GoPro to get some interesting camera angles while filming a bingo game.

Kraig Kirchem is a Dallas/Fort Worth based director, producer, videographer, writer, and consultant who operates Kirchem Creative, a full-service media production company. He previously worked in broadcast journalism at TV stations across the country earning industry recognition including multiple Peabodys and duPont Awards. Full Bio