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Our work with ExxonMobil took us to South America to the coastal nation of Guyana. That is where new oil drilling was about to begin.

ExxonMobil wanted to dispel any drilling misconceptions that were concerning to Guyanese residents. Kirchem Creative was called upon to consult them on a community outreach newscast that they were producing to educate the public.



We accompanied their local film crew on a shoot and provided real-time guidance on filming techniques and tips: interview framing, filming a sequence, choosing the right background, natural lighting, capturing clean audio.


The existing studio equipment made filming a challenge but we provided technical help in shooting their multi-camera green screen segments.

Aside from rigging a makeshift teleprompter, we also provided proper filming techniques and media management guidance to help with syncing all the cameras during post-production editing.

We also provided ExxonMobil a detailed gear list that would provide for a professional look and easy workflow for their newscast production.


We met with the communication team to discuss editorial content while answering any questions they had about the newscast production process.


Professional, reliable and creative — three essential components when working with a video production company. I have had the opportunity to work with Kirchem Productions and never have to worry about the end result. His experience and ease behind the camera translates to a great final story. If your company is looking to produce a video, I highly recommend Kraig and Kirchem Creative.

Kraig Kirchem is a dream to work with on video projects. He is extremely professional, creative, meets deadlines and goes above the bar to make the videos look fantastic. His video equipment is top of the line. I strongly recommend Kraig!

Kraig’s professionalism, competency and technical proficiency make him an outstanding videographer and what you’ll appreciate the most as a client. He is a storyteller at heart, able to pull in audiences with compelling interviews, dynamic shots and a keen understanding of messaging. Beyond that, he’s simply very easy to work with. He’s communicative, receptive to new ideas and consistently exceeding expectations.

Kraig is a very detailed-oriented and incredibly creative producer/videographer. Kraig can walk clients through a complicated production and troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently. He is an outstanding story-teller with the ability to achieve and improve a client’s own vision. I highly recommend him for your video project!

I hired Kraig to teach a video skills workshop at Toyota North America HQ. He expertly taught my team the skills they need to feel confident shooting video. My team loved him! Kraig is approachable, easy to work with and an expert at his craft. I would 100% recommend him to anyone considering his services.

Kraig Kirchem will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your special project. His acute eye for detail matched with his creative flair are reflected in his work. He helps his subjects feel comfortable behind the camera and he maintains a professional attitude from start to finish. More importantly, he works hard to help you meet your deadline!

Kraig is a creative storyteller with an exceptional eye for compelling people stories told through his camera’s lens and microphone. He also pays strict attention to detail and understands the importance of meeting deadlines and sharing team experiences. Thrives under pressure.


Let us know what your needs are and we’ll get to work putting your idea into action!

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